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directed acyclic graph (DAG)

directed acyclic graph (DAG)
Definition Solmuista ja suunnatuista solmuja yhdistävistäkaarista koostuva syklitön verkko. Unifikaatiopohjaisetpiirrekielipit rakentuvat DAGien varaan.
Definition (en) a directed graph which has no cycles
Explanation (en) A graph consisting of nodes and directed arcs, where one node is the initial node and no path (i.e. single arc or a sequence of arcs) leads to the same node where the paths starts. In particular, DAGs are sometimes represented using small circles for nodes and arrows for arcs. One can also represent DAGs as sets of path equations.


riktad acyklisk grafruotsi
suunnattu syklitön verkko (DAG) (luo nimityssivu)suomi


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