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photo voltaic power

photo voltaic power
Definition Sähköksi muutettua auringonvaloa.
Definition (en) Sunlight converted into electricity.
Explanation (en)

Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems use either lenses or mirrors to capture large amounts of solar energy and focus it down to a smaller region of space. The higher temperatures produced can operate a thermal steam turbine or be used in high-temperature industrial processes.
Direct solar energy refers to the use of solar energy as it arrives at the Earth’s surface before it is stored in water or soils.
Solar thermal is the use of direct solar energy for heat end-uses, excluding CSP.
Active solar needs equipment like panels, pumps and fans to collect and distribute the energy.

Passive solar is based on structural design and construction techniques that enable buildings to utilize solar energy for heating, cooling and lighting by non-mechanical means.






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