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Database contains 40 571 concept articles and 147 746 designations.
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Aesthetics (231 pages)
Archaeology (422 pages)
Astronomy (1 459 pages)
Biology (5 192 pages)
Botany (2 683 pages)
Clean Energy Research (207 sivua)
Cosmology (114 pages)
Economics (301 pages)
Electrical Engineering (166 pages)
Environmental Sciences (6 023 pages)
Education (283 pages)
Epidemiology (1 283 pages)
Physics (212 pages)
Geophysics (227 pages)
Folklore studies (204 pages)
Heritage studies (16 pages)
Jurisprudence (2 264 pages)
Language Technology (274 pages)

Linguistics (4 982 pages)

Literary Studies (1 257 pages)
Meteorology (2 100 pages)
Microbiology (1 498 pages)
Mycology (597 pages)
Performance Studies (596 pages)
Philosophy (1 210 pages)
Physics (212 pages)
Semiotics (204 pages)
Social Psychology (409 pages)
Terminology (127 pages)
Textual Studies (609 pages)
Translation Studies (319 pages)
Zoology (3 850 pages)

Politologi (95 pages)
Veterinary Science (42 pages)
Språkvetenskap (967 pages)
Tšimbako roodiba (365 pages)


See also The blog In My Own Terms [[1]]

On the BFT in English, see Nilsson, Henrik & Antti Kanner & Tiina Onikki-Rantajääskö 2016: Post och bank – om lagring av terminologi, den svenska Rikstermbanken och den finska Vetenskapstermbanken. - Pilke, Nina & Niina Nissilä (red.), Tänkta termer - Terminologihänsyn i nordiskt perspektiv. VAKKI Publications Nr. 5. Vaasa. Ss. 100-136. [[2]]

2014-06-27 First examples of multilingual concept pages can be found in the Language Technology subject field. Pages in the category Multilingual include pages which have definitions in Finnish and English. Parallel definitions can be accessed through language coded links right of the definition text.

The Helsinki Term Bank for the Arts and Sciences (HTB) is a multidisciplinary project which aims to gather a permanent terminological database for all fields of research in Finland. The project has created this Semantic MediaWiki platform, which offers a collaborative environment. This means that anyone can freely use it and also participate in the discussion about terms. The project is being carried out in three pilot projects: botany, jurisprudence, and linguistics.

Others can join too! Do you want to take part in the project on your field as an expert? Or do you want to participate in the discussions about the concepts? Register as a user with your full name and join the conversation.

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